So, as part of my new blog tradition, I want to use a Monday morning post to highlight some of the wonkish nits to pick more technical sides to writing and speech that so many of us communicators love.  A great source of these things often is the folks at, who send me a daily email of various snippets that can be useful (or at least thought-provoking).

So, today’s Monday Morning Quarterbacking post is about buzzwords — or just plain old words in certain contexts — that need to be retired.  Here’s one person’s take.  I would add verbs used outside their general contexts for use in business-speak like “grow” (as in “grow the business”), “drive” (as in “drive the process”) or even the mouthful “effectuate” (as in “effectuate change”).  A confession of sorts: I have sinned occasionally by using these words in memos and emails. But everyone is worthy of redemption, no?

Feel free to add your own nominations for buzzwords or words that we could all use a little less these days.  I’ll be gathering new nits interesting bits to post for the next Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

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