Here I am at Content Marketing World 2014, and already my head feels stuffed with too many ideas to think clearly — or write for very long.

Content Marketing ConceptI spent the afternoon in a workshop led by Andrew Davis, where this content marketing rock star talked about how content marketing agencies can differentiate their services in a crowded marketplace.  He introduced a variety of very interesting strategies, many of which I will blog about during the next couple of weeks.

During the session, Davis — author of a book called Brandscaping — reviewed the power behind content marketing.  He also gave us this nifty slide (which looked much better in Prezi than in this shot from PowerPoint) to help illustrate the Content Path to Revenue.

Put simply:Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing builds trust.

Trust builds relationships.  

Relationships drive revenue.  

That’s it — pretty basic, right?  Use the transitive property (I think that’s the right one — I was told there would be no math), and really all you need to say is:

“Content marketing drives revenue.”

Is there another, better reason to finally stop being so half-hearted or random in your content marketing efforts?  But beware, like all marketing efforts, content marketing still needs a smart strategy and creative force behind it to be effective.  How to do that?  Well, that’s what I’m here to learn (and share, of course).

More tomorrow from CMW on the blog, and feel free to read my Twitter feed.  Follow me at @johnmbyrne.


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  1. I met Andrew last year in Cleveland and participated in one of his pre-con workshops. Was amazing. Got his book Brandscape as part of it (that’s a great book btw). He’s a great speaker and loads of fun. I’m a little bummed I’m missing Content Mktg World this year, but I’ll be in Boston for Ann Handley (WOOT! WOOT!) at Marketing Prof’s conference.

  2. Josh Coffy

    This was a GREAT post, John!

    It was amazing meeting you and very inspiring to talk about business! Wish I was there!


  3. John,
    Thanks so much for the nice, concise, post!
    I really enjoyed meeting you in Cleveland!
    – Andrew

    • Andrew,
      Was a pleasure meeting you, too, at Content Marketing World!
      Learned so much from you and the other speakers in such a short time. Now have to go back out into the world and put it to work!
      Look forward to meeting again sometime soon.

  4. tej

    Great article!!! In addition to this, Fallowing article where they had shared amazing tips and short workable and simple strategies about content marketing mainly focusing on startup’s.